Top 10+ Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 Download 2019


It is obvious that when you own a personal computer such as desktop or laptop or Mac, Antivirus is a must have the software. With the increase of the internet threats the possibilities of your PC getting damaged has increased a lot. The only way to avoid malware attacks or hacks from unwanted users or access to your private social network account is anti-virus software. To prevent all these threats on PC or laptop is necessary to keep your personal data and information completely safe. But people get very confused while choosing an Antivirus as there are lots of these available. The reason for this confusion is that each of these Antiviruses has a different special feature. And apart from this, some Antiviruses slows down your PC. So, people need to be quite careful about which Antivirus they choose.

Everyone is aware of the fact while using intent connection there is a high risk of the virus getting involved in spoiling your computer system. And to protect your Windows 10 PC any available anti-virus is not always the solution to protect your PC from virus or malware or the infected websites. To keep your PC safe and protected you have to use the recommended Anti-virus software. Here we will help you to find out the best and suitable and free Antivirus available for your device to date.

Top 10+ Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 Download 2019:

1: 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a free antivirus and system optimization which is perhaps the best choice for you. The interesting thing about this Anti-Virus software is that you can install this program in offline mode. It will keep your device protected and speed up the performance of your computer and clean up. 360 Total Security is an integrating award winner virus scanner and cleaner software with 360 Cloud Scan Engine. It has excellent features which include the anti-Ransomware, real-time detection, document protector, Multiple-Engine protection, etc.

2: Avast

Avast is listed as one of the best antivirus software which is available to download for windows 10. It is free to use, light in file size and comes with intuitive protection. When it comes to features it has lots to offer and that includes two new shields and double protection. Keep your PC or laptop protected by using Avast Anti-virus software today without any charges included. By installing this software you can keep your personal data and information from unwanted threats or virus attacks.

3: Bit Defender

Visit the Bit Defender website and download the Antivirus free edition for windows 10. It is less in file size weight and lighting fast free antivirus software available for your PC. This antivirus comes with real-time detection and protects you from internet fraud or hackers. It introduces several features such as Anti-Phishing Anti-Fraud, advanced threat defense and safe browsing and lots more. And Bit Defender takes very less time to scan your files and free from ads.

4: Kaspersky

Kaspersky is a free Antivirus which is perhaps the best choice for your computer. This program helps your PC to blocks the unwanted and the dangerous file from harming the system. And it will also protect your personal or private information and avoid the unwanted access or hacks. Also, this software will automatically block harmful files that are dangerous to your computer system. This anti-virus software will protect you against dangerous virus or spyware and suspicious websites.

5: Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Free Antivirus is an award-winning Antivirus available for windows 10, 7, 8. It has an incredible design which is simple in its look, intuitive and attractive Antivirus software. This program has the ability to hold the power of the next generation technologies and comes with the incredible functions. Not only that, Avira Free Antivirus is powered with a combination of artificial intelligence and cloud technologies that ensure to protect your device from the dangerous threats. Browse internet safely as it features browser tackling blocker and real time scanner along with PUA Shield.

6: adaware antivirus 12

Adware antivirus 12 is an excellent antivirus that safeguards your computer from dangerous attacks. It is award-winning software to protect your device from threats and allow you to browse the internet safely. Blocks all the hackers or unwanted access to your important file documents. Speaking of the features it has lots to offer several such as real-time protection, web protection, network protection and powerful firewall. Shop online safely and keep your online shopping protected from unwanted cybercriminals and avoid the stealing of private and personal details.

7: Sophos Home

Sophone Home brings to you the business-grade cybersecurity you need for your computer. It is available to download for your Windows 10 and helps your device stay protected from threats. This Antivirus program not only gives you advance protection but also keep your device away from ransomware attack in progress. Sophos home block all the dangerous malware that can spoil your computer or hack online banking and personal information. Block all the malicious websites at the time of browsing the internet and use the parental web filters.

8: Panda

Panda is a free antivirus available to protect your windows while browsing the internet with your PC. This software detects 100 % of virus in your system and completely removes it. And helps to keep your device safe and sound from possible threats like malware or trojans. It is simple and easy to install the antivirus and comes with easy functions making it easy to handle. Panda also features USB protection and available to download on several platforms of devices with the basic protection for your selected device.

9: Zone Alarm Anti-Ransomware

Zone Alarm is previously known as Zone Alarm Free Antivirus+ Firewall. Only the name of the antivirus is changed but it still has the same features to offer to its users. Zone Alarm Anti-Ransomware comes with features like auto file restoration that helps you restore the encrypted files automatically. It also provides features for file protection such as infected or malicious file detection and blocks the ransomware threats. It works as Pc Shield by blocking the malicious attempts to lock your computer.

10: AVG Antivirus

AVG Antivirus is a free software that helps your computer to keep protected from unwanted virus attacks. This software is fully loaded with features such as real-time security updates and scans for the malware on your computer. AVG Antivirus avoids the virus attacks on your computer or protects from spyware or ransomware and many infectious files like malware. This software also blocks all the available unsafe links and comes with the time-security updates.

11: McAfee Security Scan Plus

McAfee Security Scan Plus is excellent anti-virus software for your PC. It is easy to handle and perform a fast scan for viruses on the system of your computer. And protects your device from firewall or malware and get the web security at zero cost. This software comes with security recommendations whenever your computer is at risk and features customize security scanning. McAfee Security Scan plus is one click installation antivirus software with no delays and with customizable alerts which will alert yours from any expected threats.

Final Thoughts:

The Internet is filled with lots of online threats which can harm your computer and damage it. Not only that, the hackers can steal your PC private information and makes the benefits from it. For that reason, to avoid your device attacks from virus and to keep it safe we suggest you use Antivirus software on your Windows 10 or whatever version of OS or Windows you are using. This is the complete information that you need to know regarding the Top 10+ Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 Download 2019. We hope that this was helpful and for further queries do leave a comment below.


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