Top 40+ Best Free Movie Streaming Sites 2018 To Watch Free Movies Online


Maximum people now are living in hectic lifestyle so they don’t have time to sit in front of the TV and watch their favorite movies.  Also, you are not able to watch latest movies on your TV, as newly released movies take time to get aired in the respective Tv channels. Nowadays as technologies are very advanced and to watch recently released movies and even old movies, the free movie streaming sites helps a lot. Now switching from TV to movie streaming sites are preferable as you will get access to thousands of movies to watch free anytime and anywhere in high quality. On the web, you will find many lists of free and paid online movie streaming sites, but here in this article, we are going to share only genuine and working free movies streaming sites to watch free movies online without downloading.

There are many free online movies streaming sites to watch movies online without downloading them. Yes, streaming from online, you don’t need to worry about your device space or you don’t have to wait for a movie to watch until it gets downloaded on your device. All you need is a stable internet connection on your device and instantly play your favorite movies on the go. But finding the best online movie streaming sites are not easy like making coffee. Don’t worry! we will make it easier for you, as in below you can find best free movie streaming websites list. While making the list of top best free movie streaming websites, we prioritize movie streaming experiences, as on many free online movie sites, you will see annoying ads, less movie collection, bad streaming quality, fewer collection and too late updating latest movies. So, bearing these things in mind, check out this free movie streaming sites list and choose any free movie site as per your choice to watch free movies of different from genres online.

We’ve listed some top best free movie downloads sites to download free movies. so if you are interested in movies downloading then you can check the list.

Top Best Free Movie Streaming Sites To Watch Free Movies Online


HDO is a home to your favorite movies where you can watch latest movies including new episodes of Shows. The video contents for entertainment are divided into two categories that are movies and TV-Series. Apart from that, you can also read on the news which is related to movies or TV Shows in the website. Make a quick search by entering the name of the movies or type the name of the series that you wish to search. This websites includes several genres of movies, TV-Series and A to Z list of movies with the topmost IMDb rated movies and lots more.

Movies Planet

Movies Planet gives you the access to unlimited movies for free without any registration cost. Check the latest movies by visiting this website Movies Planet and stream your favorite movies online. Movies Planet has a vast collection of the movie of different genres and TV-Series both new or old movies and TV-Shows. It is time you never miss out any single episode of your favorite show and stay updated with the story of any TV Series. The best thing about this website is here the entire video stream contents are well-arranged and is free to watch them.


PUTLOCKERS 2 is a perfect website for you available today to stream latest movies and new TV-Series. And to enjoy watching your favorite movies and shows episodes all you have to do is stream the video. Also, you can download the video file in high-quality and watch them later on in offline mode. Either make a choice to stream the video in HD or stream your selected videos in 4k and is free to watch them. PUTLOCKERS 2 includes several genres of movies, and if you are able to find any video then send add request to the website. The requested movies or TV shows will be added and updated later on.


123movies is another best free movie site to watch movies, TV shows for free and without any registration. They hold a big list of movies of all possible genres as an adventure, ki8ds, horror, science fiction and lots more. Contents on this site is well sorted which help its visitors to watch and to search movies quickly and easily. On the top of the homepage there present a search box. You need to just put the query which within a second populates all results. As it is popular for movies it is too widely renowned for TV series and shows of different genres. As on movies, if you are interested in TV series then also you can visit this site. Also we’ve shared some top best sites like 123movies to stream free movies online

Snag Films

Snag Films is a website to discover something different for streaming videos online. At present, there are more than 2,000 of movies or new episodes of TV Shows that are available on this website. Stream the video contents of this website at high-quality for free through several platforms of devices. Watch your favorite movies or TV Series through mobile phone or tablet or desktop and many other devices.

Yes! Movies

Visit the website Yes! Movies, and which is the best place to stream videos of different genres of movies and TV-Series. To perform quick searches and you can take the help of the search engine. And in this way, you can easily find out the video contents that you are looking for to watch at Yes! Movies. Stream any movies or TV Shows without making any payment and there is no limitation set to watch any video content. It is perhaps among the best website which fulfills all your entertainment needs and keeps you away from boredom.

Cartoon HD

Do you love watching cartoon TV Series then Cartoon HD is a must visit a website. It is among the unique website from this list of the best free Movie Streaming Sites to Watch Free Movies Online. Here you will get to watch unlimited TV shows that include animated series and movies as well. Choose any hit TV-Series and stream the videos online for free without making any limitations being set to watch. Discover new TV Series, movies, and directories by using the search engine and read the related news to it. Visit today and check on the trending series, movies, new TV episodes, top cartoon and watch the movie trailers as well.


Tubi is among the most popular websites to stream movies for free and no charges are taken. But to get access to the unlimited videos or TV Shows you will have to register first and then log in to your account. Find out several lists of the movies in the video library and stream them at high-quality. This website includes more than 7, 439 titles of TV Shows, and movies with no subscription fees. This website supports are several platforms of devices and that includes Android, iOS, Apple TV, XBOX and lots more.

Wolow Tube

Stream the most popular movies here on the website of Wolow Tube and watch them online for free. Check the description of the movie and select to watch with no subscription fees included. By using the search bar you can search any movies and click to stream them and watch them instantly. The available formats to stream movies in the website of Wolow Tube are UltraHD, full HD, SD 480p, FLV, and others. This website has over 30,000 of movies and TV Shows and you can watch unlimited numbers of videos online.

Popcorn Flix

Just like any other free movie streaming website Popcorn Flix has made the list. Go to this website to stream movies or TV-Series videos for free in high-video quality. Check on the new arrivals of the movie of the different genre that includes action, horror and many others. Also, recommended movies are best to watch and kill your boredom with no subscription or extra charges. This website consists of several video genres of movies and TV-Series which includes latest movies, popular movies, popular and drama, action and lots more.


Ymovies gives you the access to watch a countless number of movies for free. In the search engine, you have to enter the name of the movies or TV Shows, select genre and year of the movie. Also, you can check on what is popular this week or popular at this moment. And search and discover what is new and watch them by streaming online without any charges. The best thing about this website is you can watch comedy shows or animated movies and Sci-Fi movies, etc. perform the searches by selecting the country and watch them at any moment you want.


Everyone is not aware of the fact that full-length movies are available to watch on YouTube. It is now wondered, that you can watch the movies for free and no subscription or charges is taken for that. Type the name of the movies in the YouTube search bar and watch them at high-quality. All you have to do to start enjoying the streaming services of YouTube is register into the account on YouTube.


Viewster provides to your incredible collection of anime videos to stream online. Not only that, this website gives access to watch movies and lots more on this website. The viewer can browse this website with the help of mobile apps or directly from the desktop browser. Also, watch the most popular anime or classic enemy that is on your choice. The video streaming library of viewster consists of several genres of movies or TV Shows including animation and others. To make easy and quick searches type the name of the video in the search bar and watch the selected videos.

F Movies

Search movies by genre or country or you can choose to watch videos by selecting the most watched videos. Click on the movies section to discover the vast collection of movies or from A to Z. Never miss out even a single episode of your favorite TV shows and keep update from any story of TV Series. Enter the keywords of the movie or TV shows to make quick and easy searches, stream the videos for free. Here you can watch movies in high-quality and completely free from ads. Choose your favorite genre of movies or select country wise and lots more.

Prime Wire

Prime Wire is a home to unlimited number of movies where you can stream them without any charges. Search the movies on the website by typing the title name or enter the name of TV Shows. This website always updates its video library with several lists of latest movies and TV Shows too. It provides you the access to stream any of your favorite videos from today onward for free without making any monthly payments. It has a different collection of movies when compared to any other website in the list of streaming websites.

123 Movies

123 Movies is a home to several streaming websites where you can watch your favorite movies or TV Shows. Speaking of the genre of the movies there are several types of it available to stream for free. Discover movies by its years or click on the movies and TV Shows to check on a vast collection of video streams. Here you will mostly find uncommon and rare movies which are found on any other websites from the list.


Crackle is a must visit the free movie streaming website where you will find best and top rated movies. Here the streaming videos of movies and TV Shows are available to watch in full HD quality.  In this website, different languages of movies are available on this website and you can watch them for free, no charges included.  It offers you the most popular or TV and award-winning movies and they can be accessed through several platforms of devices.


Netflix is a website to watch your favorite movies at any time and any moment you want. Join free for a month to enjoy the streaming services be it TV Series or movies including no charges. It is a streaming service which gives the customers access to watch several collections of movies. The video’s contents available on the website of Netflix are mostly award-winning TV Shows and popular or latest movies. Each time this website update with a new collection of video streaming files which are of high quality. Try for one month and you then you can cancel the subscription from the start of the next month. This means that you can enjoy the free streaming services of Netflix without paying a single amount of money.


Hulu website offers you to make free stream of over thousands of movies and TV Shows. Visit this website to watch all the latest episodes of your favorite TV Shows and new movies as well. Start your free trial today which is available only for the new subscribers into the website and stream unlimited videos. Stream videos on your selected and favorite videos and get access to an unlimited number of movies and TV Shows.


Enter the name of the movies or TV series in the search bar of the website Vummo. Is the process to make easy and quick searches of the movies and TV Shows that you are looking to watch online? The streaming videos are arranged into two categories which are movies and TV-Series. Watch the latest episodes and full seasons of any of your favorite TV Shows at any time and any moment you want. You don’t have to do registration or sign up to watch the video contents or watch any other video online from this website.

Movie 4K

Movie 4k is among the best free streaming website to watch movies for free. The user-interface of the website is design very simply and well-maintained, and that makes it easy to handle and use. It has a large collection of movies and TV Shows which are popular, latest and old movies. Click on any movie to watch online at high quality and there is such thing as limitation set to stream any videos in this website.

The Internet Archive

This site is an old online movie streaming site which offers easy and safe movie streaming and others of high quality. With movies of different genres and region, this site also offers you to watch community video, music, books, radio, journals and lots more. It is free from any type of annoying ads and without any registration, you can watch and read movies and contents. The interface is friendly and contents are huge. Earlier it is popular for its movie contents and now it is widely popular for books and journal. Millions of people are now using this site to view their videos, music, and books which you can find in the top section of the page.

Shout Factory

It is another vast site to watch movies online and others. Content is huge on this site and every day many new contents are added to its database. Due to its huge collection of contents, it is widely popular among maximum online viewers. The interface of this site is responsive and with a click, you will get access to the content of this site. This site offers the view link to movies, TV shows, and life event. Here you can watch movies of different genres like drama, horror, science fiction, action and other. If you a fan of TV shows then here you will have TV shows of different genres as animation, comedy, drama and lots more. It is an online movie streaming site as well as a blog where you can register for free to get updated with all their recently added contents.


On the genre of online movie streaming sites, this is another popular site. Its collection is huge and every single content are of high quality. It is a huge online platform for both TV shows and movies where you will get contents in different genres. The interface of this site is responsive and safe from any type of malicious function. On the web, you will find many sites that offer nothing without lots of annoying ads. But here in this site, you will get to watch movies and TV shows of different genres and few ads. To view movies on this site you don’t need to do any type of registration and sign up. Everything on this site is free.

Top Documentary Films

If you are a fan of documentary films then this is best. Documentary films of different regions and genres are available on this site for free. They are using their own server so without any interruption, you can enjoy high-quality movies and TV shows. The layout of this site is clear and every content is well sorted which allow users to search and to watch flawlessly. This site is free and without any type of login and sign up you can watch all its contents. On the top portion of this site, you will get a search box where on every query list of films will be populated. It is popular for short films which are sorted as per genre, recently released and ratings.


If you are a fan of Hollywood movies then this site is a must visit site. From all recent to old movies of Hollywood are available here which you can watch for free. Yes, without any type of registration and sign up you can watch all your favorite movies. This site offers you to watch movies of different categories as science fiction, drama, action, horror and many more. The interface and layout of this site are clean and here on this site, you won’t be annoyed through ads. On its homepage movies of all latest and popular movies are present which on a single click will start playing.


It is an active and free online movie streaming site to watch movies online. The layout along with its interface is attractive which can easily attract the attention of all online movie viewers. Their collection is huge and widely covers different genres like horror, action, science fiction to name a few. All recent movies are available on this site and even all old popular movies. Every content is of High quality and with attractive sound quality. You can even choose the format as per your requirements. They used their own server so it is safe to watch movies and TV shows on this site. They serve all legal contents which ensure and their quality and service.


If you want to watch movies in high definition then GoMovies is another best option. Here you can watch a High-quality full movie. Every content on this site is of high quality and you can easily get here all recently and all-time favorite releases. The interface is very friendly and every movie along with its other contents are placed separately. Their database is huge, so they placed a search box and maintained a friendly layout to make your search quick. Different types of movies of a genre like action, thrilling, adventure, science fiction, etc. If you want to watch movies of other regions then you can find it out from its option country where you will get movies as per country name.

Retrovision Classic movies

The name says itself, yes here you can watch movies in a high quality of different regions and genres. It is one of the best sites to watch movies online for free. Though it is a new site for its quality and collection, it is widely popular. Their movie list is huge which separated upon genres like action, drama, animation, and others. As its database is huge and regularly updated, you must find the movie which is you seeking for? The interface is simple and the platform is safe as it uses its own server. Apart from the huge collection and safe online movie streaming this site has one limitation. It might annoy you with lots of ads but they are gradually decreasing the number of ads on the site.


This site has a number of movie genres where you will get all recent and old movies to watch free. Not only this site offers you to watch movies, it also lets you watch TV series of different regions of different genres. The interface of this site is friendly and on the top, you will have many different menus which can refine more accurately your search query. Genres like adventure, action, comedy and lots more are available here which you can choose as per your choice. If any of your favorite movies are unavailable then you can even request for that.

Movies 4K

The name itself means this site is popular for high definition 4k clarity movies. It is another in the list of best sites to stream movies online. The interface and layout of this website are clear without any type of clumsy appearance. The database is huge and it is well sorted as per genre and popularity. You can easily find any of your favorite movies as it is developed with advanced search program. You can filter your search through a year, genre, popularity, region and recent releases. On click to any of your seeking movie, it offers you many links to stream the same for free.

Café Movie

It is another best and top rated site to watch movie online. It is a free online streaming that requires no signup and registration to get access to its collection. Not only it offers you to watch movies but also it deals with Tv shows and series. It is new but still, it has a wide range of collection of movies and TV shows of different genres as action, animation, drama, comedy, adventure and much more. The interface and the visual quality of site and contents are great which the key reason for its popularity is over a short span of time. As collection on this site is huge you might get confused what to stream. In such case, you can take help from its option Suggest Me.


It is an old site that deals in movies from the very past. IT has a wide collection of movies of different region, form old to the most recent. The layout and interface of this site are great along with its contents. You will experience user friendliness and clear interface along with well-sorted content. Yes, every single content is divided as per genre and popularity. The collection is huge so to keep search flexible and fast they use advanced search technique. You can search here as per genre, popularity, region, and rating. Directly you won’t be able to watch movies on this site as they offer the link from where you can stream your favorite one.


It is another popular site that offers their visitors to watch for free TV shows and movies. The overall layout and contents of this site are great and coming to its collection- It is huge. Their search system is advanced as putting few phrases of your query in the search automatically populates the results.  Its homepage is quite impressive as on it you will get all thumbnails of movies and TV shows. Most interesting part of this site is that you will get a separate section for popular, rated and all-time favorite movies and TV shows. Taking all its features together it is another best site to watch movies online or movie streaming sites.

PrimeWire .ag

It contains everything for free to stream as movies, documentary films and TV shows. The layout and interface of this site are simple which helps the user to find that they are seeking for. On the top portion of the site, you will have all the recent and old super hit full-length movies. Below to this section, you will get many thumbnails of movies those are suggested by this site to stream. To choose any movies you can look after its ratings, viewers, cast that means full details of all movies present on this site. It also works as a community forum where you can ask for newly released movies, featured movies or any other related things.

Cartoon HD.lf

It is also a best online platform to stream movies online. It deals with different types of movies especially cartoon and animated movies. Along with movies, it widens their categories to TV shows. Here you can watch all popular and recently aired TV shows and episode for free. This site is popular for its collection and quality which they never compromise. The homepage is loaded with the thumbnails of movies and TV shows which are popular and recently added. Their database is huge and day by day it is increasing as they regularly added many new to it.  Just click on any thumbnails of movies and watch the movie for free. Every movie and TV shows are in high definition and watching any movies on it you can rate it as per quality.


No need of any registration or subscription to watch movies and videos on this site. It is a new site so still, it doesn’t become so popular but once if you visit this site you will get a good experience. Contents are minimum but everything is of high quality. They offer to watch movies as well as TV shows of different categories like adventure, comedy, thrilling and others. Everything is sorted on this site that helps users to search and to watch ay contents easily.

It is a network where you will have all details information regarding all TV series and movies. It is associated with many sites that offer to watch free movies. The layout is simple where on a single click on any movie link starts playing. Many contents are available on this site so you might get confused which one to watch or to stream. Along with the link to movies, they also offer a rating, description of the movies and some other detail information which let their visitors choose the right one.

It is another best platform to watch and to stream movies of different genres for free. The layout is friendly where you will have all featured and suggested movies. Apart from that below o its homepage, you will get movies those are popular and those are recently released. They possess a huge database so they developed a strong search technique which offers the result quickly. If you want to look after it full database then click on the Category or Genre where you can get access to its vast database. They offer high-quality movies and TV shows with minimal ads.


This site is my last choice to watch or to stream movies online. On its homepage, you will get to know and also can watch all popular and recently added movies. Their database is vast where you will get thousands of movies of different categories. You can create here your profile and can maintain your own playlist. You can also give your opinion after watching any movie on this site which might get featured on the homepage if they find your comment relevant.


It is the last and the final in this list of best movies streaming sites that flawlessly provides better user experience.  It is a free website to watch movies of different genres for free. It has a vast collection of newly released movies of different categories. The interface is simple and all its contents are in high definition ultra HD quality. Thumbnails of movies are present on the homepage along with the rating that helps users to watch which are most rated and best. It is not only a streaming site but also an online TV where you can create and manage your own list and even refer to your friends.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that everybody loves to watch movies online especial in this present era we are living in. Speaking of the movie streaming websites there are lots of them available on the internet right now. But only a few of them provide excellent services and are free to access or stream the video contents. The sites that have been provided in this list are among those sites that provide excellent service and we can assure you that you won’t have any complaints from these sites. Some of these sites might ask you to register to access their contents but you don’t have to pay anything and registering with the sites will let you have a few benefits. Well, we hope that the provided information would be of help to you.


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