How to Change Your Minecraft Username?


In today’s date, Minecraft is considered as one of the most addictive games. You may think or ask why and how? Minecraft game has no true conclusion but it is the form of expression. This game keeps on going as long as our imagination is flowing. Minecraft is not a game rather it’s like a toy and that’s why it breaks all traditional game rules and hence it is among the most popular game currently on all the major app stores. Minecraft game is addictive in nature for all the right reasons. Minecraft game is a modern digital game where you have to take digital cubes and then you have to dig and build 3D blocks. The most amazing part you can build anything whatever you like with those 3D blocks.

Minecraft game allows you to explore your imagination and a medium to express your creativity. Survival and Creative mode are the two distinct modes of Minecraft where Survival is a traditional game and creative mode is about infinite possibilities. How to change your Minecraft username? This is a frequently asked question and where most user face problem to change the Minecraft Name. Earlier it was not possible to change the Minecraft name but after February 2015 user can easily change their Minecraft name. With few easy steps now user can easily change the Minecraft name. If you really looking for a Minecraft name change just you need to follow the below steps.

Instructions Before Proceeding With Minecraft Name Change:

Before going to change your username of Minecraft know where you can find your username. You will find it in your email inbox after you logged into Minecraft. Then check for the username you wants to replace with, check whether it is available or already taken.

The requirement for creating a username:

  • Select or choose a username which is in between 3 to 16 characters.
  • They cannot be any space in between the Minecraft username.
  • You may allow _ (underscore) special character only.

Steps for Changing a Minecraft Username:

These are few easy steps for changing Minecraft Username:

Step 1: Limitations. Once Username has been changed then again you cannot change it for next 30 days, even you cannot change your name multiple times in between 30 days. Also, one thing you need to keep in mind that the username you have chosen cannot match with anyone else.

Step 2: Now you need to visit the official site Mojang Website to change the Username. In case you want to download it from here, you may click here. Once you click on this link you will be redirected to Mojang Website directly just you need to press “Enter“. You may need to provide your Email and Password to access.

Step 3: If suppose, the user doesn’t have their own account then you must have to do the registration. For registration, you need to visit the registration page which will show an option “Register A New Mojang Account“. Just click on the option and fill up the required field as asked and then submit it accordingly.

Step 4: Once registration is successfully done it will automatically redirect to the home page link. This will be the profile page or the home page of your account where you able to see your username. Check the below option box you will find the update username box where you can easily put your new username.

Step 5: Now you just need to set the new username that you have chosen. Check whether the name you have chosen is available or not. There may be chances that this name is already taken by some other user. If the name is available then click on “Change Name” and with a simple click, it will be changed.

Step 6: Hope the username you like to change has been changed successfully. There also may be a chance that it may take some time to update the new name that currently you have chosen. Sometimes it also takes a few hours to update username after you have changed it.

Step 7: Lastly you need to Logout your Mojang account if all steps are done successfully. This is all required steps you need to follow to change your Minecraft username.

Few common Issues while changing Username:

  • Minecraft user must not change there username frequently. Then there may be changes of facing problems. In Minecraft, it is not possible to change the username in between 30 days period. Once you have changed your username you will be not allowed to change it again before 30 days.
  • Another issue commonly arises that many users try to open multiple accounts by just changing their name from same email address. Minecraft does not allow to do so at all.
  • Few users also want to replace there username with the old account name they have used earlier. This is also not possible as because the name has been used by that user’s other account and so the username get matches to the older one.
  • It has also been witnessed that few players get confused between the username and profile name. They sometimes mix up both and face problem.
  • There are also many other problems may arise and for that, you need to contact the support team of Majong website. The user needs to contact them via Twitter.

Ending Note:

Hence if you follow the above steps correctly to change the Minecraft name you will not go to face any issue for sure. The is the complete guide you need to follow to change the username of Minecraft game. Don’t keep the default username if you find it boring just change the username with your favorite name you like to see on your profile. Hope you will easily do it now. If still, you have any queries about changing the Minecraft username or anything related to Minecraft game. Just put your queries in the comment box below. We will surely provide you the correct information as early as possible. Feel free to share with us.


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