Top 25 ExtraTorrent Proxy And ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites


No more ExtraTorrrent restriction, as we are going to share with top 25 best ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites. Using these ExtraTorrent unblocked Proxy URL, you can go beyond the restriction and browse this torrent website like before. So, if you have been unable to access this site then you might have a look out shared working ExtraTorrent Proxy list.

Can’t access ExtraTorrent site? This could be a disappointing moment for the regular torrent user. ExtraTorrent is an excellent torrent search engine where you can search any torrent downloadable keyword and get the available download links to download on the go. Generally, it is a heaven for torrent downloaders which holds a huge collection of movies, software, games, ebooks, application, videos, zip files, photos and much more. Everything is here free to download.Extratorrent

The problem could trigger when you are in a country where ExtraTorrent is blocked or restricted to use. We know being here, you are facing the same. As said, no need to worry as we are going to share you very responsive Unblocked ExtraTorrent mirror list to take down the restriction of this torrent server.

Top 25 ExtraTorrent Proxy And ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

ExtraTorrent is a torrent downloading service or website, which was founded in the year of 2006. Here the user can share magnet link, torrent files using peer-to-peer technology. Using downloading clients like uTorrent/BitTorrent on your PC and Android. ExtraTorrent bring media entertainment, software for Windows, eBooks, games and much more. Downloading any of the available files from the server is completely free.

But you might know because of license and privacy violation, unlike other best torrent downloading site, it also has to take down temporary. However, as a user, you can still get into its server using Mirror and Proxy sites.

If ExtraTorrent is blocked in certain countries and being in that country, a user can not access this site simply. Technically your ISP is blocked for ExtraTorrent website that is the reason you are seeing “This site cannot be reached.” However, this can be fixed using Proxy list for ExtraTorrent.

ExtraTorrent Proxy Servers:

Proxy Sites for ExtraTorrent also can be termed as an Intermediary portal. When an ExtraTorrent proxy site user uses it as a medium to request a file from the parental server. This way it doesn’t use your ISP but get the request from Proxy sites without sending digital data to the parental server. Whereas, mirror sites are the replica of the parental server, which is created by third-party. Basically, mirror sites are like the normal website but redirect all the signal to the main server.

So, let us see the best ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror sites list to enjoy torrenting like before.

Working ExtraTorrent Proxy List – ExtraTorrent Mirror List

Unblocked ExtraTorrent Proxy Proxy Speed Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast
http://extratorrent.proVery Fast
https://extratorrent.bypassed.stVery Fast Fast Fast Fast Fast

All of the proxy sites are manually chosen keeping the proxy sites loading speed in mind. I hope if Extra Torrent is not working in your region then this mirror list for ExtraTorrent should be helpful.

Is it safe to use Proxy Sites?

Depends on the file that you download. If this torrenting is restricted in your region then there could be illegal issues. Proxy sites are just a doorway to let you enter to the wishful server. On the other hand, it is safe to use when you don’t use your personal information. So, never trust any of the mirror sites, just make it use wisely.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to use a VPN service whenever you are using torrent sites for downloading any kind of files.

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network to hide every detail of you. It works as a middleman between you and server. VPN doesn’t let know server your details, where VPN encrypt the details of you. Well, there is a great advantage of having VPN while using torrent. It secures your digital ID so that authorities could not make it to you. Though there will many many VPN services to use for free but free services are not reliable or working.

On the other hand, Premium Virtual Network Services are expensive but recommended for the torrent users. However, it doesn’t completely encrypt your personal information but makes it hard to get information about you.

Please Note: These ExtraTorrent Proxy/Mirror Sites are all mean to the user who is not able to browse official URL and the site is not restricted in their country. Please avoid using Proxy or Mirror Sites if the site is blocked by the Government of your country. Unblocked Proxies for ExtraTorrent to get access to the server but do not hide your digital identity.

ExtraTorrent Unblocked Proxy Sites

So, these were all about ExtraTorrent proxy sites that allow you getting access to its server. All you need to copy & paste the unblocked ExtraTorrent Proxy in your browser URL bar and press enter to break the restriction. All of the proxy sites for ExtraTorrent are very responsive. So, if you have an issue browsing this torrent site then hope these shared working proxy sites for ExtraTorrent.

Bookmark this page, as we will be updating the list. Or if you still cant access ExtraTorrent feel free to drop a comment in below.


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