Top 20+ Best Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online Free


Most of us are quite familiar with the word Anime but among us, there is a misconception about what Anime is! A lot of us think that Anime is the short form of Animation but that is not the fact. Anime is actually a style of Japanese film and television animation and it mainly for adults and also children. People shouldn’t confuse it with Disney Animations such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny, etc. Anime has always been popular but lately, its popularity is increasing at an alarming rate and the sole reason for that is Anime shows like Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, Naruto, etc. Well, it’s quite possible to watch all these on a TV but most people these days prefer Internet over TV and it’s quite hard t come across to come by TV channels that air these Anime series unless you live in Japan. The Internet is full of sites from where you can stream Anime Shows but are all of these reliable? No, all these sites are not reliable as some of them keep on redirecting you, them some asks you to download some unwanted software and there are quite a lot of them that don’t provide good quality videos despite doing all the things that have been mentioned above.

So, which sites to trust and which sites are not to? Well, that is a tough question as it is not possible for a single person to visit all Anime sites and find the trustworthy ones. Well, you can forget about that as we have compiled a list of some of the best Anime sites that you can use to watch and stream Anime shows. The sites that we provided down below are trustworthy and they provide video quality too, in fact, you can choose the quality in which you want to watch videos. Apart from that, they have a vast library of Anime shows that you can watch and some of them have a big library of Anime Movies too. So our suggestion would be that you go to these sites and check which site is good for you. Hope that you would find these helpful.

If you are interested to download movies or want to stream movies online free then we’ve solution for both of them, we’ve collected some sites and listed so you can check out them for free.

Top 20+ Best Free Anime Streaming Sites To Watch Anime Online Free:


It is one of the best anime streaming sites and it is a popular platform to watch anime online. They totally deal with online streaming of movies and TV shows. They offer both free and paid streaming. You have subscribed on this site for free then you can’t able to access all its content which is available only for paid subscribers. If you interested in both anime and movies then it is the best among all. It is an online TV that offers its subscribers to watch all type of streaming stuff. The interface and quality of videos are in high definition which is another reason for its popularity.

2. Kissanime

It is another popular anime streaming site that offers high-quality anime videos. Its resources of anime are huge and available in the different format. The interface and all its contents are well sorted for which users claims it’s a simple and clean website for anime. Starting for very low video quality format 240 p to 1080 p is available for all videos. As per your requirement and network signal strength you can choose any format of video to stream. It is a responsive site that makes it compatible with all types of screen resolution and devices. Anime movies and episodes of different categories are available on this site reason for which it is a must visit anime streaming sites.

3. Animefreak

It is also a popular streaming anime site which is completely free. Those are anime freaks must get here favorite videos to stream. Their collection is huge there are more than 10 thousands of anime videos present on this site. The interface of this site is clear as on the top of the site you will get many different genres of anime as action, fantasy, kids, adventure and much more. In this site, there are more than 40 genres of anime videos that make its a largest database of anime collection. On clicking on any genre it will populate you the list of all videos along with subtitle files. It has many other options using which you can refine your search more accurately.

4. Crunchyroll

It is another platform where you can watch anime for free.  Though it is a free site still it has a separate section for paid users who can access without any limitations. Here you will have all news about anime shows and details about the release date, quality, and duration. The layout of this site is impressive as for different types of contents there is a separate section. The left portion of the site is reserved for latest collection and popular shows. In small thumbnails, it displays featured shows and a list that comprises of recent popular anime episodes as well as Magna.

5. Animeshow

The design and overall interface of this site is friendly which makes easier to pick your favorite anime videos easily. Its collection is also huge where you can watch videos of different genres and categories. On the top left part of the homepage, there is a search button where you can enter any query to search. Every content is in full length and some random videos are also present on its database. On its homepage, you will have a long list of anime episodes videos in thumbnails which on click start streaming. Again on this site, you have a huge list of all videos that are running or those are popular. The quality they offered to their visitors is attractive that catch attraction of many anime freaks.

6. GogoAnime

As a movie lover and also a fan of anime then you need to visit and look after this site. The interface is clear and simple. It is compatible to all devices and platforms. If you are an Android user then also you can stream movies as this site is also available in an app. In the menu bar of this site, you will many different options as Anime series, read manga, recent series  and much more.  The main content section is divided into three columns. In the leftmost column, you will get a vast list of anime series and episodes those are popular and currently running. On its middle section, you can watch episodes of anime series those are recently released. Their collection of anime videos and episodes are big which beautifully listed in the right column section named new anime added along with subtitles.

7. Animenova

It is an old and very popular online movie and anime streaming site. Its contents are huge and everything is in high definition. All recent and old content is available for free to stream. It offers varieties of collection related to anime, movies, cartoon, dubbed video and much more. As it contains a large database so as to make the search for anime more easier they kept separate sections on its homepage. Here you can have anime those are popular, new, ongoing and full series.  It contains anime of different categories like action, comedy, fantasy, horror, romance and much more. It is also available as an app which helps Android users to stream directly from their devices.

8. Chia-anime

Chia anime is a big platform that totally deals in anime. The interface and overall looks of the site are attractive. It has huge content of Anime movies, episodes, soundtrack, drama, and anime for mobile. Its homepage is full of thumbnails of anime episodes and series.  All newly released series are displayed here in this site in thumbnails along with the ratings. It offers anime of different genres as adventure, demons, military and much more. The quality of all its anime video is high definition. It is safe to stream anime online and it contains very less amount of ads.

9. Animeplanet

It is an attractive anime streaming site where you will have all information regarding anime series and episodes. The interface is friendly and user experience is simple. It is free but you need to register on this site to watch anime online.  All recent releases in 2018  are listed here which you can watch along with all popular anime episodes and series. You can create here your own playlist which contains videos that you have watched and your wishlist. All series and episodes on this site come in high quality. On the main page, you will get many thumbnails of episodes which you need to click to play.

10. Animeultima

This is also a favorite online platform to stream movies, anime and lots more. Name of different anime videos and episodes are present on the homepage which on a single click ready to stream. Videos of different genres like adventure, action, drama, comedy and much more are present on this site. Thousands of episodes and videos are present in every category which all together creates a huge collection. You can easily search here any of your anime episodes or series as everything is sorted here. For popular anime, recent releases, ongoing there remains a separate section.


It is also a popular online streaming that is specially designed for anime videos and episodes. It has a wide range of collection of anime movies of different genres and regions. All your favorite anime episodes are present on this site which you can watch in high quality for free. It is compatible with all devices and runs flawlessly on all types of operating system. The layout of this page is well developed as you can easily look after anime those are recently released, popular, ongoing and coming soon. Not only it offers you all to stream amine but also let you download all of your anime episodes or series.


The next anime streaming website is In this site, you will get to watch and download the Anime movies or seasons in HD quality. The website provides you the user-friendly interface to access by any users easily. This website is available to access in the English version too with all the popular series in the top of the list. Sometimes this site is not available directly and thus you can access it using Psiphon only.

13. Master anime

In the list of greatest anime websites, master anime is there to stream and download movies for free. As like the other sites you can access it through online from mobile as well in PC too. This website comes with many popular and recent anime series in high quality. Almost all the recommended and popular series are available on this website for free to download. It also provides you different formats to download and watch on your devices. The website is very much user-friendly and you can choose it as a good alternative to the other sites of similar series.


Those who want to watch Anime online in a comfortable way then go to site. As your requirements, will provide you the high-resolution videos Currently this website is live to watch any anime series. But you can easily visit this site to play the videos for free. Maybe they will reopen the all features in the closed features in their sites in future. After reading this information you must visit this site once to explore and experience the practical view of things from this website. From now on you will not face any problem in watching the anime series if once you use this site on your smartphone or PC.


Another largest place to watch Anime series from anywhere is From this website, you will get dubbed the original Naruto Shippuden into the English Naruto. Also, you get the manga collection and movies from the single site only. As like others you will get the high-quality videos and lacks in download feature. The fans of narutoget are there who always get crazy to watch the series regularly. So if you also get worried to watch the Narutoget series then check or visit this website on your PC or smartphone once.

16. Ani

Anime series streaming becomes easier if you will use the website on your device. Almost all the full episodes of popular Anime series are available through this site. Same way like the previous one, you will not get any chance to download the series. But you can easily watch them with proper animation in the series. Their database is too much high and considers as the best anime website till now. The videos of the series available in this site are also high in quality and dubbed in English only.

17. Watch anime

From the title of the website, you can guess that this is the website to watch anime series only. As similarly like others, this site comes with English dubbed anime series and also stream the series videos for free. This website has a good amount of database which having videos series with proper animation by managing properly.Regularly you will get proper updates with latest shows easily. So you can definitely go to this site to watch anime online from anywhere and anytime.


Those who are searching for a particular anime series then you can easily find it on This site actually works as a search engine to find out the anime series which you love most. After the search is completed, you will get display all the list and you need to select the right one according to the name. After that click on the anime series to grab them and watch through this site easily. No need to get worried as this site is completely available in English for best use.


One of the best home where you will find the top collection of anime series is site. This site is considered as the topmost streaming sites in North America for anime series. At first, you need to create an account on this site and enjoy the topmost anime series in various languages from this site.


When the name came ‘stream online’ then Netflix is there which is available for various platforms. This site allows us to watch movies, serials, series, episodes and many more for free after purchase the subscriptions. In this site, you will get the absolute original series collection of anime in an easy way. So you must try this site if you love to watch anime.

21. Anime stream.TV

Another solution to watch or stream online anime series is Animestream.TV. This site offers you a plenty of different anime series with different language subtitles. Few videos are available on this site only to watch and others are there to download also. Thus this is also considered as a best anime stream site for you all.


Finally, we want to tell you that these are all top 20+ best free Anime Streaming Sites to watch anime online free. If you also love to watch or stream anime online then you must try any one of the above 20+ sites without any doubt. Most of these sites are free for use but some of them might as you to register. we would suggest that you register on these sites as there are a few benefits of registering like you will be notified when new episodes are updated, etc. Apart from these a few other benefits are also available which you will know about after you start using them. We hope that this provided information has been of help to you. So start streaming your favorite Anime shows now.


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