Top 15 Games like League of Legends 2019


Playing video games is a passion to many peoples nowadays. So those who are the true gamer, they must know about League of Legends game. But sometimes it has seemed that players get really bored after playing a single game for a long period of time. From now you need not get worried as here we will grab the resources about top 15 games like League of Legends 2019. This game is also available in the multiplayer mode and here you can develop your skills and strategies from time to time easily. The main character of this game is you and there will be another secondary opponent character present in the gameplay. The opponent can be in the form of the team which is known as Nexus. Now set your motto to diminish the main enemy’s base and take the whole control under you.

One of the most interesting thing you will find in this game is a 3D module. The 3D environment will be available to you only with the help of third party’s perspective. Now you can choose from the three modes available to you. Those modes are Howling Abyss, Twisted Treeline, and Summoner’s Rift. Before going to the battlefield, you need to choose one of the characters from them to defeat or destroy your enemies. You can also implement your abilities and special skills to kill them easily. In this way, you can also choose the related games like League of Legends to fulfill your needs. So let us try the top 15 games like League of Legends 2019 from the list given below. Besides the game detail, we are also going to tell you about the minimum system requirements for playing the League of Legends game.

Game Details of League of Legends:

Now let us have a look at the primary game details of League of Legends, which you must need to know before play.

Game Developer: Riot Games.

Game Genre: Online Battle Arena.

Platform Support: Microsoft Windows, Mac OS.

Game Mode: Multiplayer.

Minimum System Requirements:

Here you will find the details about the basic system requirements you need to play the League of Legends game in the best way.

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (SP 3), Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10.

RAM Size: Minimum 1GB or 2 GB for Microsoft Windows Vista and later.

CPU Speed: 2GHz.

Free Hard Disk Space: Minimum 8 GB or higher.

Video or Graphic Card: Check for 2.0 Shader version video card.

Direct X: Not at all. But you can use Direct X 8 or later.

Internet: Yes to play this game comfortably.

List of the top 15 games like League of Legends 2019:

Here we will list out all the 15 best alternatives of League of Legends. These games are the totally come under online battle arena based video games in 2019. So you can easily choose any one of them to satisfy your need. Without taking more time let us have a look at the details of the games given below.

1. Atlas Reactor: At first we will talk about the game Atlas Reactor which is the best alternative in the online segment to League of Legends. In this multiplayer based game, you will get the best battlefield to fight with your enemies as well. This gameplay also provides you various options to choose the characters from the store list. The list contains skills, characters and the best way to winning the game easily. As per the main player i.e, your choice, the heroes get several roles in this game and thus they called freelancers too. This game also allows you to made some mode system, which having 2 versus 2 to 6 versus 6 matches as well. At the last moment of the game, you will get 20 to 30 seconds where you will show your own skills to defeat the opposing team players.

Available on: Microsoft

2. Awesomenauts: The next alternative to the League of Legend game is Awesomenauts. This game comes up with a cross-platform based facility which helps you to play this game on multiple types of devices. The only player can play this game in 2D mode but still, it feels more comfortable with its clear user interface. This game is very much innovative and you will visit the year 3587 where the battle will start between blue and red. Here you will get side-scrolling control panel with the help of 3 versus 3 two dimensional settings. At first, you need to choose your characters and then it will allow you to get the skills to go ahead in the gameplay. After making some of the customizations, you will get a huge amount of characters to choose and select from them. Some additional features are speed calculator, health bar, attack strength, etc. are available.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft | Playstation

3. Heroes of the Storm: Heroes of the Storm is a related game to League of Legends which has the best features that you can’t think. First of all, you will get 5 versus 5 game which takes place in form of the battle arena only. Secondly, there is a system to choose your own roles from the characters like as assassin, specialist, and warrior. The looks of the characters are different from each other but you can choose the best as you need. Now take the whole control on the maps and even all the features and settings of the game which is totally different from the normal gameplay in the genre of the battle arena. This game has also some other features like sharing the team levels by keeping the characters string.

Available on: Microsoft

4. Gigantic: The Gigantic game gives you unique battle concept with the 3D environment too. This game also allows you to get some of the similar features of the League of Legends game. The excellent vibrant color effects give you the main attraction of this game. In this gameplay, you will get one map in which you will access the whole game world to build your own base for attacking the enemies. So you will get various skills to kill your opponent enemies in the world of Gigantic gameplay.  So try to play this game once and explore the experience in this gameplay by defeating others.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft | Playstation

5. Air Mech: Air Mech is a type of robotic game which is almost like the League of Legends only. If you are the fan of League of Legends game then you can also try this Air Mech on your system. In this game, your character will be one of the mechanical robots. Here you can build up your own air base and the land-based units too for using them in the battleground. You can also make various strategies to use them in killing your opponent enemies. By destroying the other enemies the gameplay wants you to protect your own base only. The main strength you will get in this game is the power and the credit system too. In this game, you can also choose many other modes like coop, versus and solo which are very much flexible to play here.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft | Playstation

6. Supernova: The Supernova game is almost like the League of Legends only. Both the game comes under the same genre but here you will find the science fiction theme instead of the fantasy world. There are two types of characters available to like aliens and humans. You can choose any one from them to get begin the game. Both of them use the advanced technologies while you are going towards the battlefield. Here you can also experience the 5 versus 5 matches and you can build up your own strength and weakness too. As like the real-time strategy games you can also make many strategies too. Such that you can easily customize attacking speed, health, armor, health condition and other types of factors too.  So try to play this game once and experience the robotic gameplay situation from it.

Available on: Official Website

7. Prime World: The Prime World is also an alternate option to the League of Legends game. This game allows you to play the game in multiplayer mode. You can avail various customizable features in various segments of this game. Thus it becomes more excitable to the players to play this game easily. Rather than the battlefield, it also comes up with castle building system too. Start up this game by unlocking the hero and choose the required skills to go forward in the gameplay. You can also unlock many other more abilities as thus it will improve the status of this game. So it is very important to experience something new rather than playing the same thing for a long period of time. Once you will install this game on your system you will surely feel good in playing this game in all aspects.

Available on: Microsoft | Official Website

8. Ace of Arenas: Introducing the Ace of Arenas game which is the best option to play a 3D game on your smartphones. This game a capability to face you the champion world and give the primary tutorials about to open and close the controls accordingly. The controls are available in the main screen and you need to know about them there. So you can control this game totally by sliding your fingertips only. Gameplay offers you to play single player i.e, 1 versus 1, 2 versus 2, 3 versus 3 and 5 versus 5 too. After completing the matches it also helps you to fo forward and unlocks the champions too. This game also offers you other features like upgradation, mastery trees, leaderboard and other exciting things too.

Available on: Official Website

9. Smite: Smite is a new type of game which comes under the God genre only. Here you will act as a god and thus you have the full ability to encounter various types of battle operations and finally defeat the enemy too. The main formula added in this game is MOBA that gives you the 5 versus 5 combat system too. Here you will find various types of things like bosses, maps, lanes, minions and much more. The whole environment of the game is get inspired by the Norse, Egyptian, Roman, Chines, and Greek civilizations too. In this Gameplay, you have to put down in the shoes of God and thus God will bless you with abilities and various spells. You can also upgrade the powers after killing the enemies as well. So try your best to unlock the powers at all.

Available on: Steam | Official Website

10. Strife: Another best alternative to the League of Legend game is Strife. This game also follows the same genre as the League of Legends game. So as like the other MOBS game, there is nothing much difference found in this game, But you can get the best customizable option in this game where you can modify the things as you need and spend the time there. There you can also avail three systems as like the: crafting things, adopt the pets as you like and then enhance all the gameplay. These activities also allow you to enjoy and spend your time in this super game world. If you win the more matches, it helps you to earn the money to adopt various types of things.

Available on: Steam

11. Cronix Online: One of the another League of  Legends alternative is Cronix Online. This game completely set you i.e, the player into the futuristic environment where the main battle takes place. The battle takes place due to grab the small number of resources remaining left in the world. You also can access the battlefield where you will find the dark theme based game world. In the multiplayer mode, you will access good environment where the feelings are more after grabbing the package of action. Now you need to set your aim to defeat your enemies by using your special tricks and skills as well. You will get more tools to use them on the battlefield. Several kinds of mini skills are also available which will helps you to reach the target by killing the enemies.

Available on: Steam | Official Website

12. Vainglory: For the smartphone users who want to play MOBA genre games then Vainglory is a good choice for them. This game is available for iOS and Android platform but it is not compromised it depth and content too. The main game battle takes place in the deep jungle and you need to run after the minions to diminish them and grab the gold mines. There is also a boss like an enemy in this game which you need to find out and defeat permanently. Once you can able to do this then you are totally free from the enemies. You can also grab the skill of the various heroes and keep your fingertip busy as always in this game.

Available on: iOS | Android | Official Website

13. Guardians of Middle Earth: The Guardians of Middle Earth is a MOBA genre game which is the alternative of League of Legends game. It allows playing 5 versus 5 games by allowing to access the destructive mode as well. As like the Lord of the Rings, the characters are quite similar to them. As this is also MOBA genre based game so you will feel nothing unique there. But still, this game is more interesting if you play it once. The starting of this game allows you to pick up the characters according to your choice and the put them to the aspects of multiplayer mode. So it helps you to play the remaining game easily and head this game according to your choice only.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft | Playstation

14. Legendary Heroes: While you want to play the related games of League of Legends, then Legendary Heroes is there for you all. In this game, you are allowed to create your own team of heroes and then start to fight against your enemies. In each match, you can choose your own characters or heroes that help you to get excellent result in this game world. This game also gives you a various skill which comes with a pack of various challenges too. So if you want to get the advanced kind of MOBA in the gameplay then the Legendary Heroes is the best option for you all.

Available on: Microsoft | Playstation | Android | iOS

15. Panzar: The Panzar game has some different things which is a great game in replace of League of Legends. the character of this game comes up with various advanced skills and weapons are there for a fight against the enemies. there you will find various sceneries and the environment looks very much fresh with that sceneries. This gameplay also includes various modes to choose and apply like as King of Hill, Meteor mode, and Domination. In this way, this game ranks as the unique as well as traditional gameplay too.

Available on: Steam | Microsoft


That is all about the top 15 games like League of Legends 2019 which you can give a try. Here we have given you all the basic details of the 15 alternative game. If you feel good after reading this topic then choose any of them instead of League of Legends. Besides, that there is much other game available on the web to choose as the alternative game of League of Legends. So if you think any one of them from the web suits you then you can definitely go to that also. But before choosing the game to be sure that you are selecting the right one only. Keep trying the above games and also recommend your friends if you like any of them as League of Legends game.


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