How to Delete Skype Account Step By Step Tutorial


There is no doubt that Skype is among the most popular multimedia messaging app available till date. And if you are looking for the ideas regarding how to delete your Skype Account for some reason, then you have landed on the right page and right solution. Here we have come up with ideas of how to delete Skype account by following some step by step tutorial. Deleting your Skype Account might get delete it on a permanent basis and you may never able to sign in again. Since there is no magic button that can instantly close your Skype account right now. If you have already made a decision to close your existing Skype account, then Microsoft says that you will have to contact them and your account will be closed. And there are few things that you will have to do like unlinking the Skype account or cancel subscriptions and remove payments and lots more.

How to Delete Skype Account Step By Step Tutorial?

Before we begin, remember in the process of deleting Skype account you might end up removing payment method or cancel any subscriptions. Not only that, if you have any Microsoft Account that is linked to your Skype account it might get removed as well. So, let us get started.

First Step:

At first, “Sign in”  to your Skype Account by going to its official website using your computer browser.

Second Step:

Now go to the “account settings” of your “Skype Account”. And then scroll down the page on the bottom portion, click on “Account Settings” which is just below the “Settings and Preferences” section.

Third Step:

The next step is you will have to find out Microsoft account, and then click on the “Unlink” option. Also, check whether your Skype account is linked or not to the Microsoft account. Suppose, it is not linked then you can skip the next step and go for another step which is step 5.

Fourth Step:

After that, you will receive a confirmation message which will get notified on your computer screen. Now click on “continue” option. Just after some time, your account of Skype will be unlinked from Microsoft Account.

Fifth Step:

Now cancel any subscriptions or recurring payments which are activated and is linked to your Skype account. To do that, go to the account settings using your PC internet browser and then Click on “Subscription” where you wish to cancel and it will appear in the blue bar on the leftmost portion.

Sixth Step:

After that, click on the “Thanks but no thanks, I still want to cancel “option which will confirm to cancel the subscription. Also, make sure to cancel the Skype Number which in the section of Manage features settings option.

Seventh Step:

To deactivate the recurring payments, go to account details section using your internet browser. And then, click on “Billing & payments” option, after that choose to disable option which is below Auto-Recharge section just after the “status” option.

In this way, you have successfully unlinked your Microsoft account, canceled the subscription and deactivated recurring payments. Now the last thing, you need to do is contact with “Skype Customer Service” and send them a request to close your account.

F.A.Q of Skype:

1: With one Skype box you can perform how much of Skype calls?
Answer: Skype TX supports 1 call/ unit which means you can use multiple units for 1 broadcast.
2: Is it possible to download Skype sounds?
Answer: Yes, they are available to download all you have to do is send them an email at [email protected] And make sure to send details information of your broadcast to avail Skype sounds.
3: Is there any subscription process like that of consumer Skype?
Ans: At present, there is no such thing as subscription mode considered at the moment.

Final Thoughts:

We believed that you have finished performing all the necessary steps about How to Delete Skype Account Step By Step. Always remember that deleting your account will erase all the information that is recorded with your Skype account. And Microsoft will take up to 30 days to delete your account completely from Skype and its linked account details. Also, choose many other methods to remove your personal details from Skype like removing the profile information or any other details. This is how you delete your Skype account and it is a very effective process and the steps are very simple to follow.


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