TORRENTZ2: 50+ Torrentz2 Proxy And Mirror Sites


Is Torrentz2 blocked in your country? Yes, we know being here you are one of them. So, here we are going to share with helpful Torrentz2 Proxy and Mirror sites. As you know using the proxy sites for Torrent should allow accessing the same server with ease. We have managed to make working 50 Torrentz2 mirror sites list so it will be possible to unblock Torrentz2  and use it again.

As a torrent downloader, you should know it is a well-known torrent search engine. With its advanced torrent search engine, it makes a lot easier to find any kind of torrent files from other servers. Searching a keyword for a torrent file, it brings all the possible downloading links in the result. Simply, choosing the link, you can download the torrent file to use it further torrenting. Pretty awesome right? But it is again disturbing when you cannot access the same site.

Torrentz2 is a torrent downloading site that has one of the biggest collection of torrent files. You can download almost anything from Torrentz server, which is why it is a heaven for torrent downloaders. Now, if you also fond of downloading from the same server and if the site is not accessible then it is time to check out listed Proxy and Mirror sites for Torrentz2.

Top 50+ Torrentz2 Proxy And Mirror Sites

Torrentz2 is a Finland based meta search engine for Utorrent and BitTorrent users. Sites also being called best torrent search engine that allows instant searching any file. TorrentZ2 was launched in the year of 2003 (15 July). Flippy was behind developing this site. In November 2008, a scammer group with fake documentary tried to take over domain name. Later the Torrentz administrator managed to set up as its backup domain. And in the year of 2013, it has become official name.

Due to many DMCA claim to Google to remove its homepage, many countries have to bane this server unlike other torrent supporting sites. Yes, this site is now banned in most of the countries and this could big disappointing for most of the torrent downloaders.

As we said, this is metasearch engine for torrenting that means, it can search a torrent file from various sites. Hence, allowing you to get a torrent file by using its keyword. Simply searching the keyword it brings up all available links to download the same item.

So, to download movies, software, PC drivers, eBooks, videos, application and much Torrentz2 is like medicine. Don’t worry if the site is not accessible in your region, as it is blocked by the Government. Here using the Torrentz2 mirror sites, the Torrentz2 server will become totally usable like before.

How Does Torrentz2 Proxy & Mirror Sites Work?

If a certain site is blocked then your ISP cannot get access to the server and it shows unable to access the site. Proxy sites is a new URL created by the company to avoid restriction and allow its user to use their server. Whereas, mirror sites are the replica of the same site to allows its user using the server. All the content can be found, which mostly look like the main server.

Thus both methods deliver getting access to the main server. Proxy and mirror sites act as a medium making its way to the dedicated server. This is helpful when you want to use a website which blocked by your network provider or government.

On the other hand, hiding or using other countries IP also does have and for that, it may charge you for premium services. So, if you don’t want to spend money on it, then it should wise to use provide Torrentz2 unblocked proxy sites.

All you have to copy the shared links in your browser URL address bar and enjoy surfing restricted sites easily. So, here we are sharing active proxy and mirror sites for Torrentz2 to download the torrent files on the go with its advanced search engine.

Working Torrentz2 proxy and mirror sites [Unblocked]

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These are the Proxy and Mirror URLs that are active which are manually chosen and works fine. Most of the URLs are responsive and 50 sites list would be enough as any of these should take you to the Torrentz2 server without any issue.


So these were all about unblocked Torrentz2 proxy and mirror servers list. Using these servers you can use the mentioned site like before even after having any restriction to the site. Hence, you can be downloading anything from this server by searching the required torrent file for free. Drop a comment if you have any queries regarding the Unlocked Torrentz2 proxy sites and I will be quick to respond as per your regards. We hope this was of help to you.


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